The Problem

Nature once provided us with clean water from flowing sources such as rivers, springs, rushing brooks and streams.

Today, water and air pollutants have contaminated our earth’s water beyond our ability to cleanse it. More than 80,000 chemicals are registered for use in the U.S., with 2,000 being added annually, many will find their way into our water supply. The government regulates only 91 contaminants.                                                                         Full Story…..

Explaining Frequency and Vibrations
Water Testing Review
Vela World Official Water Enrichment System
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Breaking News: At Velara, we created Velaqua so that everyone can enjoy fresh, healthy, natural drinking water without spending a small fortune. Velaqua is our revolutionary portable water enrichment system that duplicates nature’s water purification and filtration process using gravity instead of electricity, chemicals or other artificial methods.        Full Story

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The Solution

Velaqua delivers the same results in merely a few hours as it recreates the journey similar to Nature; creating natural mountain spring water in one portable countertop system.                                                                                                  Full Story..

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